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Chip (Charles) Wiegand is from Washington State, USA, but lives in Colombia, in the Valley del Cauca. He retired in 2020 during the pandemic quarantine. He is a widower and has two sons, both adults and living in Washington. He was married for 28 years when his wife, Cheryl, died from a massive stroke at the young age of 48. After a very difficult year-and-a-half, he started thinking about what to do with his life, alone. He decided to do something that would benefit others more than himself. He relocated to Colombia and worked as an English teacher for 7 years. He started writing his story as part of his healing process, and that story continued and became his first book - "Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone" which he hopes to see traditionally published in 2022. He has also written short stories and tried his hand at some poetry.

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