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Rainbow in the Night: A Journey of Redemption

Written By:
Jane “Goldie” Winn, MSS

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Kindle, Paperback

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Vivacious Jane “Goldie” Winn is a talented musician with a beautiful voice, who also plays a mean sax. Deeply caring and fiercely loyal, she is a sensitive life coach and counselor as well as a committed friend who truly knows how to listen. Yet what would probably strike you the most about Goldie is her unquenchable joy. And it would probably shock you to learn that years ago she was a very different person – deeply troubled, persistently self-centered, and profoundly depressed.In Rainbow in the Night, she unveils the secret to her joy. She unravels the mystery of how the Lord gently but firmly lifted her up and out of that place of darkness and into the multi-colored rainbow of His love. When Goldie learned how the King unquestionably loves her, she couldn’t help but be transformed into His image by the greatness and the beauty of that love. And because of the great measure of His love for you, He invites you to take this adventure with her as you read her open-hearted and compelling book.

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Jane “Goldie” Winn, MSS
I am a Social Worker, Certified Life Coach and an author...... Read More
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