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Connections Past

Written By:
Faye and George Chamberlain

Available Formats:

Kindle, Paperback, Hardback,

Series Name:

Jeneva’s Journey

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Connections Past, book 1 in the Jeneva’s Journey series. A riveting journey the characters are taking on the way to their destiny, that will change the world through kindness and caring for others. There is of course, a love connection, as well as murder, adventure, intrigue and mystical events. There is a world wide contest that rewards, not with money, but an opportunity to do something everyone would like to do; just one of the many surprises the reader can look forward to.

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About the Author

Author Page:
Faye and George Chamberlain
Faye and George Chamberlain have co-written an inspirational adventure mystery novel about an indigenous woman’s journey to her destiny. “Connections Past” is Book 1 in the Jeneva’s Journey series. We were frustrated with the attitudes of soc...... Read More
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