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Listen to the Trees

Written By:
Patti Sapp and Susan Lavin

Available Formats:

Kindle, Paperback

Series Name:

Tree-Hugger Series

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Amanda is a visionary. She's a risk-taker. Her friends admire her for her adventurous spirit. What happens when Amanda is faced with unexpected pandemic fears? With the support of mystical hypnotic opportunities, she manages to transform the fears into opportunities.Read to discover how she creates a second chance for love.Don't be surprised, also, if you suddenly have insatiable cravings for ice cream.It's a love story with some metaphysical twists. A must-read for tree-huggers who have a true appreciation for our natural world.

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About the Author

Author Page:
Patti Sapp and Susan Lavin
Patti and Susan are twin sisters who’ve been telling stories for years. They’ve collaborated and wrote a women’s fiction trilogy called the Tree-Hugger Series. The books include: laughter, passion, the love of nature, rescue pets, declutterin...... Read More
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