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Creepy and Scary Tales: A Collection of Short Stories

Written By:
Reuben Shupp

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Kindle, Paperback,

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Creepy and Scary Tales: A Collection of Short Stories

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Wanted: Brave Readers! Turn off the lights, if you DARE! The House of Wicked Webs- Spidey’s house is filled with spiders. I hope you’re not afraid of spiders. An Abnormal Sunny Day- A dog that wanders into a boy’s yard. What happens next is terrifying. Flash- Brendan and Levi explore an abandoned house and find a Polaroid called Medusa. A camera that can turn living things to stone. How cool is that! You Picked The Wrong Kid, Andrea.- The playground bully is in for quite a surprise. These spine-chilling stories are perfect for camping, sleepovers, and Halloween. This is the next generation of Urban Legends.

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Reuben Shupp
Reuben Shupp lives in Texas with his wife and two children. He is a Veteran of the Persian Gulf War. While serving in the Navy, he was able to see many different parts of the world. Mr. Shupp grew up in New Hampshire and Texas. His childhood memor...... Read More
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