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Welcome To Second Spring

Written By:
Dr. Nita Sharma Das

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Every woman is gorgeous and wonderful in her own way. Menopause cannot bring a pause to it. "Welcome to Second Spring" by Dr. Nita Sharma Das is a book which is based on short stories genre. The stories here help to identify several physiological and emotional changes that often appear during the menopausal transition. This book unfolds typical clinical symptoms faced by women of different strata throughout this phase. This reads prime focus is to stay healthy and beautiful before and after the period of menopause, the second phase of a women's life. Beauty techniques and natural processes mentioned in this book can opt to resolve them.

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Dr. Nita Sharma Das
Nita Sharma Das Ph.D., N.D. is an author and medical writer whose literary works find frequent spaces in renowned national and international magazines and journals. Nita believes in removing the cause of the disease than treating the symptoms. Most o...... Read More
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