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Hidden Treasure

Written By:
Anirban Roy

Available Formats:

Kindle, Paperback,

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Stand alone title - a complete story

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From £3.63


Thrillers & Mystery


An exhilarating hunt for an immense treasure hoard, hidden somewhere in the erstwhile capital of the richest colony, of the most powerful colonial empire! Two friends come up with scanty lead to find out the Treasure of the Kings! But they are confronted by a mysterious man – Khan! But even Khan is challenged by another group, seeking the same treasure! – Who are these people? The friends, a secret inner faction of an ancient, powerful brotherhood – the …! and some unknown others in the same legacy, contest in bloodshed to reach and unlock the Treasure of the Kings! - What is there in the hoard? How much in value? With their search through the shadowy passages of history …. from persons to buildings to port and forts and church to secret societies …. even historic graveyards and underground tunnel … and cracking ciphers, they near the hoard! - Who will get the immense hoard of treasure? - Hidden ...! The entire quest is based on ... raw, real history! revealing even some hidden chapters of secretive history itself! - Hidden Treasure

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About the Author

Author Page:
Anirban Roy
Hidden Treasure is the second novel by author Anirban Roy. – A result of his meticulous research, personal experience of the city Kolkata as a citizen there and penmanship. His first novel The Red Ink Pen was published from a traditional publishing...... Read More
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