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   The Twilight’s Fortune

The old fortune teller stood tall so regal in his domain. 

Maxmillion, just one title was his given name. 

“The All Wise. The All Knowing”, is how he was billed. 

The wisdom of his knowledge kept most visitors thrilled!

But since the park closed, its handler no longer cared.

Max’s beautiful home and regal place had been moved to town,

to fill an empty space in front of Stan’s old grocery place. 

Now as late nights come on the boardwalk here,

no greater magic than this will appear!

As the clock strikes midnight, the towns night creatures come out.

The rats, the possum and others detested.

Gather together, to heave Maxmillion’s palace up high upon their backs.

Using all strength and great care, 

To carry him back to the boardwalk to his rightful spot.

His home, his palace,

to place him just right.

Using much more of their will than all of their might.

Just to return him there 

each and every night!

The seagulls that flew over, wanted to join in the fun

Carrying huge coins within their beaks, hovering so close as not to miss.

They dropped their treasures in just the right spot! 

The coins clattered as they rolled down into the spout.

“We will bring Maxmillion alive once again”,

they would shout!

Now the great Maxmillion is here! 

The creatures all cheered for the work they had done. 

Maxmillion now has returned to his rightful place!

 “The All Wise.

The All Knowing” as he was widely known,

 gave praise and reward to all who could hear….

“Come close one an all and to all give a listen,

I am here once again just where I belong,

Your futures will be grand, 

because I’m no longer gone!”

   - Cynthia Hoosier

Added by: User Cynthia Hoosier
Created on: 2021-11-01 20:47:11
Last Updated: 2021-11-01 20:47:55

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