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Information on Self-Publishing & Where to Upload

You will need to make an account with each platform you wish to upload to. The following is a bit of information on some of the best FREE sites to upload your paperback and/or eBook for sale. *** Draft2Digital - The following are platforms your eBook will be distributed to. Amazon (If you have not already done this yourself) Apple Books (iBooks) Barnes & Noble Kobo Tolino OverDrive Bibliotheca Scribd Hoopla (Now in Beta testing) Vivlio Inktera Playster 24symbols It used to distribute via Baker & Taylor, but they have closed their distribution application *** KOBO Here is a list of SOME of Kobo’s distributors Australia: Angus & Robertson Collins Booktopia Brazil Livraria CulturaCanada Chapters Indigo France FNAC Rakuten Italy La Feltrinelli Mondadori Japan Rakuten Mexico Gandhi Libreria Porrua Netherlands/Belgium Bol New Zealand PaperPlus Philippines National Book Store Portugal FNAC Portuga Spain FNAC Spain La Central Turkey D & R Idefix USA American Booksellers Association Rakuten Some countries also distribute through Walmart Online, as well as a few others *** AMAZON KDP Expanded Distribution When you upload your book, you CANNOT choose KDP Select if you want to sell on other platforms such as the ones listed above. But MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE EXPANDED DISTRIBUTION during your upload process. As of right now, Amazon deals with many distributors, but it also makes your books available to Major Distributors & Libraries – depending on if your book meets their individual requirements. If it does not, they should contact you. *** SMASHWORDS Apple Books (iBooks) in 51 countries Barnes & Noble Kobo (which powers the bookstores of multiple other retailers such as FNAC in France and WH Smith in the U.K.) OverDrive Gardners And others *** STREETLIB – This list is LONG 24Symbols ebooks Spain Amazon Kindle eBook & Paperback Worldwide Apple Books (iBooks) eBook 51 Countries Artcivic eBook Turkey Bajalibros eBook Latin America Baker & Taylor eBook Public Library Distribution only Barnes & Noble eBook & Paperback US Bidi eBook Argentina Bookrepublic eBook Italy Casa del Libro eBook Spain CNPIEC Store eBook China Decalibro eBook Library Distribution in Italy Feedbooks eBook France Goodbook Paperback/P.O.D. Italy Google Play eBook / Audio Book 75 Countries Hoepli eBook Italy Hummingbird eBook Italy IBS (Internet Bookshop Italia) eBook/P.O.D. Italy Il Giardino del Libri eBook/P.O.D. Italy Il Narratore Audiolibri Audio Book Italy Kobo eBook Worldwide La Feltrinelli eBook/P.O.D. Italy Leamos eBook Argentina Libreka eBook Germany Librerias Gandhi eBook Mexico eBook Italy Macrolibrarsi eBook Italy MLOL eBook Italy Mondadori eBook Italy Odilo Digital Libraris/Schools Worldwide Omniabuk (DGLine) eBook Italy OverDrive eBook Audio Book Worldwide ReteIndaco eBook Digital Libraries Italy San Paolo eBook SPIRITUAL Books in Italy Scribd eBook Audio Book USA, Canada, Latin America, Italy StreetLib Store eBook/Audio Book, P.O.D. – Mainly in Italy Tolino eBook Germany UBook Audio Book Brazil, Latin America Unilibro eBook Italy Webster eBook Italy WinVaria eBook (B&M Indie Bookstores in Italy) *** XinXii Sounds Chinese but is a German Distributor - Slow to update, upload, or remove titles *** Google Play - distributes to 75 + Countries *** Ebook Lingo – Reach thousands of members on their website

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Created on: 2021-10-26 10:30:50
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