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BOOKiWROTE Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make an author page?

Click here for full details

2. How do I add my books to BOOKiWROTE?

3. How do I add links for viewers to be able to purchase my books?

4. How do I edit my user account details, such as my name, email, and password?

You can do this from your 'My Account' page. To access it either click on the cogs in the navigation bar and choose the button below the title 'Update My User Account Settings' or scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose 'Account Settings' in the sitemap.

5. When I try to add a book it doesn't seem to work. What's going wrong?

When you complete the simple form to add a new book to the system, it is imperative that you don't use any special characters. Special characters are purposely not allowed to protect users of BOOKiWROTE from hacking.

6. When I try to share my book advert on Facebook from BOOKiWROTE the image isn't displayed at all or not correctly?

Sometimes Facebook crawlers don't read your book cover image correctly. To fix this copy and paste the URL of your book advert into the form field on the Facebook debugger page here: and click debug, as shown below.

This will bring up your book advert and show how Facebook currently sees it. If the image doesn't appear properly, click the scrape again button, as shown.

The advert above is displayed correctly. When shared on Facebook the whole thing becomes a clickable link

Added by: User Garry Owen (Webmaster)
Created on: 2022-05-26 12:18:15
Last Updated: 2022-05-26 12:44:06

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