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BOOKiWROTE Social Media Sharing buttons

Hello BOOKiWROTE users

I wanted to talk a little bit about the sharing options you'll see on the BOOKiWROTE book listing pages. I'm just going to talk about the Facebook share button here, but please try out the LinkedIn and Twitter share buttons too.

Scroll down the page on one of your book listings a little, until you see the 'Share this page' section. Click the facebook share button and a pop-up window will open, as below. Note, I am already logged into Facebook here. If you are not, you'll be asked to login.

Near the top of the pop-up, you can see Share to News Feed or Story. While this might be the setting you want there are many options. Click the black arrow to the right of that box to reveal other options.

For the purpose of demonstration, I am going to Share on a Page I manage. This opens up more options, as below:

I'm going to add the post to Rowan Grey Books. Before posting you have the option of adding text etc. Once done and ready, simply click the 'Post to Facebook' button.

That's it! Notice you can share to book groups, pages, a friend's timeline and private messages. Utilise these options to your best advantage. When clicked in Facebook, the user will be navigated to your complete book listing. This has a few advantages.

1. All books you add are connected to you as an author and therefore will show at the foot of every listing, as shown below.

2. Your author page link is displayed. 

3. If you have an audiobook available, the user will also get an audio preview and a narrator link. 

All from a simple link share.

Share away, on all platforms and get others to sign up too. 

On Facebook my post looks like this:

From here, I can then share it around even more. If, like me, you are a member of lots of book groups, then I'd recommend sharing it everywhere. 

Happy sharing!!

Added by: User Garry Owen (Webmaster)
Created on: 2021-08-17 12:09:59
Last Updated: 2021-08-17 12:09:59

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