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Tristan Hutchinson


Thrillers & Mystery

Tristan Hutchinson is an author and empath living in New Hartford, NY. The son of a children’s book author, Tristan still holds the same creative imagination he did as a child. His love of Stephen King, the Star Wars franchise, and other unique books and movies fuel his creative spirit. As a supernatural thriller and horror writer, Tristan hopes to transport his readers into the worlds he creates, allowing them to explore their wild imaginations. Tristan’s degrees in interactive media design and criminal justice give him the ability to use vivid imagery while remaining realistic in his crime and investigative details. A husband, father, and brother, Tristan’s family has played a large role in who he is. And, at the basis of his personality is his spirit animal: The wolf. Tristan believes that you are never too old to let your imagination run free and unleash the wolf hiding within.

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