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Written By:
Tristan Hutchinson

Available Formats:

Kindle, Paperback,

Series Name:

Porta Ad Infernum

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Thrillers & Mystery


I live for your nightmares. You won't see me....hear me....or know me, but sooner or later I will come for you. Up from the ground, on the winds, or down from the sky. You will then see me.... you will scream.... you will die. Aaron Wolfe wakes up unsure of where he is, surrounded by a darkness deeper than night with a distinctive metallic smell he could almost taste. Using the flashlight on his phone he makes a gruesome discovery. The smell is blood coming from the bodies of people who have been ripped apart. Everywhere in the town he's in the people are all dead. A feeling deep inside of primal fear and the scent of death surrounds him. He's the only survivor in a town that's been torn apart. Trying to make sense of it all, realizing that the pervasive blanket of darkness must be blocking the electronics signal from his cell phone and afraid of what being the only survivor in a massacred town will suggest to others. He realizes he must get away from whatever is blocking his phone and

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Tristan Hutchinson
Tristan Hutchinson is an author and empath living in New Hartford, NY. The son of a children’s book author, Tristan still holds the same creative imagination he did as a child. His love of Stephen King, the Star Wars franchise, and other unique boo...... Read More
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