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Moments of Grace; Devotional for a Busy Life

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Dr. A. Jerome R. Butler

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Andrew Butler

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Body & Spirit


"A Moment of Grace; Devotional for a Busy Life." is a journey to bring 31 days of uplifting and spirit-filled wisdom to one's life. It will lead your day to a place of encouragement and peace. Like the book of Proverbs, it has 31 divisions, and I have 31 days. I pray you will read it and glean from the nuggets within. I have also included bonus material. "A Devotional Minute," which is 60 powerful thoughts to meditate upon throughout your day.

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Dr. A. Jerome R. Butler
Born in New York City, he has lived in the South for more than 25 years. Dr. Butler presently lives in the Columbia, South Carolina area with his wife Crystal L. Butler. They have four children Andrea, Dejon, Xavier, and Audreuna. He has an extended ...... Read More
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