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BOOKiWROTE - Step 2. Adding / Editing a Book.


If you haven't already created an Author Page then please first checkout the self help article - BOOKiWROTE - Step1. Create an Author Page.

If you are ready to add your book or books then read on.

You can add a book from one of three places.

1. The Homepage - Once signed in click the '+ Add a Book Listing' button.
2. From your Aurthor Page (Authors>View My Athor Page) - click the '+ Add a Book Listing' button, found just below your bio.
3. From the Settings / Administration Page (the cogs) - click the '+ Add a Book Listing' button in the 'Create a Free Pre or Post Release Book Advert' box.

All three of these options will take you to the same page. Note! Once you've created one book advert the button text changes on some pages to 'Create Another Book Advert'. Essentially though, you'll end up on the same page, shown below:

Fill out the simple form. All fields are compulsory.

1. Choose a front cover book image. Please ensure it is no greater than 500px wide and is a portrait image of nothing other than a front cover / ebook cover image. A full wrap will not work here. From the 2D image that you upload a 3d book image will be created.
2. Add your title using just letter or numbers (alphanumerics).
3. Choose your genre - Note! If the genre you require is not on the list you'll need to edit your author page and add it. These are limited to the choices you made when you created your author page. Please see the BOOKiWROTE Step 1 article for more information.
4. Add your book blurb - Copy and Paste from another book listing - it's easier. Do not add links here. They will not work and you'll be able to add them later.
5. Choose all available formats - these will be displayed on your Book Advert Page.
6. Enter the series name - If it doesn't apply enter Not Applicable.
7. Choose the book status - Either 'Available Now!' or 'Coming Soon!'.
8. From Price - this should be numbers and the decial point only and obviously your cheapest price point E.G. 2.99.
9. Choose the pricing format - Either £ or $.
10. Click Submit book advert.

Don't worry if you made any mistakes. You can edit your book advert from the book advert page while signed in.

To access your book advert you can find it in one of two ways:
1. From the home page find your book and click to view it. If it was recently listed the best way is to change the filter to Latest Books Added.
2. Click on your author page from the Authors menus option and View my Author Page beneath your image. Then scroll down to the bottom and click on any one of your books.

Once on your book advert page, right at the top you will see a yellow 'Edit this Book Advert' button, as shown below:

Okay, now you are ready for Step 3. Adding your purchase links and other links. Check out the article here:

Best Wishes and Happy Wrtiting!

Added by: User Garry Owen (Webmaster)
Created on: 2021-10-31 07:39:25
Last Updated: 2021-11-01 10:20:40

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