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BOOKiWROTE - Step 3. Adding Book Purchase Links and Other Author Links.


If you've not already added a book please check out the BOOKiWROTE Step 2 article here:

If you have a book listed and now you want to add links for user to be able to purchase your book and also find your website, Facebook page and what ever other links you want to add, then read on.

Just below your blurb, you'll find a button that reads ' Add a Book Purchase Link', as shown below:

When you click the button you'll be presented with a drop down form, shown here:

You have 3 compulsory fields to complete:

1. Choose the platform. If the platform you want isn't listed choose other and let me know via the contact form and I'll add it for you.
2. Enter your link display text. E.G. Click here to purchase my book.
3. Copy and paste or type in the URL (Web Address) of your book. E.G.
4. Click the '+Add Book Purchase Link' button at the bottom of the form.

Job Done! You will see a new link added. Repeat the process to add more links.

If you want to delete a link, click on the red delete button to the left of any link you want to remove, as shown below:

Okay, next lets add other links. Links to your website or Facebook page, as an example. This is done from your author page. You can get to your author page in one of two ways.

1. Choose the authors menu option and clcik View my Author Page on the appropraite button below your image;
2. Choose one of your books and scroll down to the About the Author Section and click the View Author's Page button.

Once on the author page, scroll down to near the bottom where you'll find the Other Links section, as shown here:

Just like with adding purchase links, you have 3 options.

1. Choose a platform;
2. Enter display text;
3. Enter or copy and paste your URL.

Add as many links as you wish to any page you like.

Job done!

Now when users click on your page they will be able to purchase your book from anywhere you have added purchase links for and find your other pages such as your Amazon Author Central Page, Goodreads, your own website or any others you can think of.

Saving the best bit until last, when you share from your author page to social media - All of your books, audiobooks, links of any nature will be seen by the user who has clicked on your advert.

Best Wishes and Happy Writing!

Added by: User Garry Owen (Webmaster)
Created on: 2021-10-31 08:00:44
Last Updated: 2021-11-01 10:25:10

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