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A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry: Book 2 Advert Stats

Hello contributors,

The advert has now been running for 3 days out of 7. The results so far are shown in the image below. I hope you are getting some sales conversions. They look promising.

To give a bit of explanation:

Link clicks (1975 page visits) - means that the landing page I set up for the advert is getting visits. The landing page is From here you can access all books on Amazon and for those that are listed on BOOKiWROTE, you can access those too.

Reach (18177) - means that 18177 unique viewers have seen the post. This is not an impression, but an actual view. Impressions are times the advert is shown. To get this much reach the impressions will be way over 100k.

Post Engagement (4722) - This means either video plays (min 3 seconds), link clicks or post reactions, as an overall total.

It is easy to see that the majority of our audience are aged between 18 and 34, while second to that 35-54. Interestingly this means that the advert appeals more to a younger age group. This could be becaue it's also being shown on instagram, which has a younger average audience.

Also 76.7% of views have been men. Perhaps for book 3 we can do a few different book covers to try and get one that appeals to both men and women equally.

Best of luck everyone!!

Added by: User Garry Owen (Webmaster)
Created on: 2021-12-09 12:29:03
Last Updated: 2021-12-09 12:32:20

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